Other Popular Undergraduate Scholarships

PNM/ BNSF Scholarships

A relatively new scholarship offered to Laguna tribal members by PNM through 2012. Minimum 2.5 GPA in either high school or college. Both recent high school grads and currently enrolled college students may apply. In 2010 four PNM scholarships were awarded at $ 750.00 each per semester.

Daniels Scholarships

One of the premier scholarships available to eligible high school seniors. The Daniels Scholarship is usually available in December and January of each year. The scholarship covers the "unmet need" portion of college cost. For more information go to www.DANIELSFUND.ORG or call toll free (877) 791-4726.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship

The premier scholarship for college. The GMS is usually available in January of each year online. The scholarship covers "unmet need" and is targeted to graduating high school seniors. For more information go to www.gmsp.org.

Continental Divide Scholarships

A local scholarship offered to tribal membes who are utility customers of Continental Divide. Applications for up to $ 3,000 in scholarships can be obtained online at www.cdec.coop.

New Mexico Gas Company Native American Scholarship Program

The mission of the New Mexico Gas Company, Inc, (NMGC) Native American Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance that will support post-secondary education among Native American students. NMGC's scholarship opportunities are afforded to Native American students residing in New Mexico who have demonstrated a desire to engage in their future through continuning education.



Other Graduate Scholarships

American Indian Graduate Center

Opportunities for graduate scholarships can be researched with the American Indian Graduate Center. For more information go online to www.aigc.org.

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